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There are many events and activities for all ages, occurring in the vicinity of Cabeceiras de Basto, very close to the Villas of Quintã accommodation.

We suggest Vaudeville Rendezvous commencing 15 July.

It is a street arts festival and contemporary circus in birthplace, Braga and Vila Nova de Famalicão, between the days 15 a 23 July 2016, under the command of Theatre Didascalia.

Free and free entrance, the new festival promises to shake the city of Guimarães and will take place in public spaces of the city, as is the case of TippingPoint, opening and debut in the square of the Platform of Arts and Creativity, at 22:00.

It follows plummet of Weed Wire Company that promises to transform the Largo da Oliveira in an industrial environment with bricks, machinery and juggling through. The next day, 17 July, the circus arts back to the Platform of Arts with the show Resilience, in search of the essence of the lines and the limits of human.

Potted is a national premiere of La Trocola Company company and invades Juncal the Countess Largo on 18 July, at 22:00. But the Largo da Oliveira will host Throwing Filipe Caldeira, the Bison company Yellow, one day later. Strangely surreal is Pozzo. It is presented by the hand of Rui Passion, in Largo Olveira, a crazy performance, funny, Interventional and absurdly full of meaning, to close the Guimarães stage, no dia 21.

The map of the festival will soon be on the streets, which will contain all programming and even some suggestions for visits to various museums and monuments of the three cities organizing.

Vaudeville Rendezvous 2016
15 a 21 July

15 July
-TippingPoint (Platform of Arts)

16 July
-Plumb wire (Largo da Oliveira)

17 July
-Workshop Weed (CCVF)
-Resilience (Platform of Arts)

18 July
-Cabaret Showcase (CCVF)
-Potted (Largo do Juncal)

19 July
-Pitch (Largo da Oliveira)

21 July
-Well (Largo da Oliveira)


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