Sierra Cabreira

The Serra da Cabreira is an elevation of Portugal, with 1262 meters. Here is glimpse villages that are worth discovering.

It is a transition zone between the Minho and Tras-os-Montes, Where does the River Ave, It offers in its heritage and traditions of its people, a number of attractive hard to match. In the mountainous landscape, small streams and waterfalls make, in the summer, the delight of nature lovers. You can still find places almost wild, in many corners of the mountain.

in Cabreira, there are also a unique flora and fauna, which highlights the garron, Portuguese Equidae species still found frequently. In the villages remain–if customs of other times: subsistence farming, grazing and wine production, small scale, continue to occupy the people who live here. The built heritage are still visible, in some places, traces of geira, the Roman road that linked Braga to Astorga. Os Granaries egg canastros, still used to save the land products, also continue to be present in Cabreira.


Source: (Cabeceiras de Basto, 2016)