Republic square

The Plaza de Basto Cabeceiras Republic is populated by a variety of species of trees and plants, leaving this historical area of ​​the flowery and fragrant village throughout the year.
At a time when the camellias start to lose the flower - camellias - Rhododendrons bloom the, one of the characteristics of the classical gardens of trees Terras de Basto and the City Council decided to introduce in landscaped public spaces, about everything, in the town center Cabeceirense.

color pink Rhododendron flowers are the predominant at the Republic Square, where they are planted two trees. The first was set eight years ago and second last year.

The setting is sublime.

Rhododendron is the common name for plants of the genus Rhododendron L., the family of Ericaceae, bringing together over 1000 species, including azaleas. There is also the rhododendron in Bonsai.
They are arboreal or shrub plants from the temperate climate of the northern hemisphere..
Grows well in acidic soils, producing large horn-shaped blooms and oval leaves.
Most rhododendrons flower for a short period of time annually., during which they acquire very vivid colors.


Source: (headboards, 2016)