Mondim de Basto

Mondim de Basto is a beautiful village in the District of Vila Real, situated on the border between the Minho and Tras-os-Montes, on the left bank of the River Tamega, the slope of the green Monte Farinha.

The whole area dazzles its visitors with idyllic settings lost in time, como no Parque Natural do Alvão.

With a remote history, the village has always maintained its rural and agricultural feature combined with monuments such as the Romanesque Church, the chapels of the Lord, of Our Lady of Mercy, Lady Bridge and S. Sebastian, and the medieval pivoting Vilar Bridge.

The wealth of the region because of the fertile soil attracted many solar, lordly manors and small, as is the case of the House of Eirô, the eighteenth century or the Solar of the seventh century Azevedos.

Local tradition, here are two Handicraft centers, and the main products weaving in linen, carpets and rugs, cooperage and basketry.