Cascata do the Fisgas Ermelo

Cascata do the Fisgas Ermelo

The Cascade of Ermelo Fisgas is a waterfall (waterfall) located next to the Parish Union of Ermelo and Pardelhas, Mondim de Basto, Vila Real district, in Portugal.

This waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe outside of Scandinavia and the Alps, not rushing into a single vertical jump: It does so in several jumps, to progressively across a large barrier quartzites, num deep socalco. Its waters separating the granitic areas of schist areas of surrounding land.

The unevenness of this cascade, thus provides 200 meters long dug by the calm waters, mas perseverantes do rio Olo que nasce no Parque Natural do Alvão.

Before the start of the waterfalls have the amount a group of crystal clear lagoons used in many summer seasons.

Access to Fisgas of Ermelo Cascade can be done by forestry roads linking Olo Lamas the town of Ermelo or from Mondim de Basto and Vila Real through the EN304 road near the village of Ermelo and the bridge over the river Olo.


Source: (City Guide, 2016)