Festa de S. Jorge – Abadim

The Abadim parish is fairly extensive, extending to its territory by a narrow strip in the North - South. This parish borders Vieira do Minho. Abadim extends by one of the slopes of the Serra da Cabreira, Northern reaching high altitudes and at the opposite end, next to the River Peio, a deep valley, moist and fertile.

The main economic activities present in this parish are based, fundamentally, in agriculture and construction. As for crafts, this is a more important weaving and plaids rags.

The origin of the name of this village comes from an Arab settlement which means "love" (Abadim). Regarding density presents reduced, with dispersed growth indicators, that which can be explained by its proximity to the county seat (Refojos de Basto).

Its sights ...

The major tourist reference of this town is the Castle Tower. Noteworthy is also the Pelourinho Couto and Arms Stone and the house of Ramada. In terms of natural heritage, this parish has large and beautiful landscaped sections and a major tourist equipment in King Mills, Local history today transformed into recreation area.