Feast of Our Lady of Remedies

The Feast in honor of Our Lady of Remedios is held in Baúlhe Arch Village and runs on the first end-of-week of September. Runs from Friday to Sunday, having as highlights the procession of candles, on Friday night, the camp on Saturday night and the procession of Our Lady of Remedies with litters and extras on Sunday afternoon.
The chapel of Our Lady of Remedies was restored in the year 2000 is at 2013 the surrounding area thereof was reclassified.

This festival is announced, substantially, one month prior to the Erected the Pau da Bandeira. Lately it was posted your date on the first Sunday in August. All are invited to wear traditional costumes (domingueiros costumes), in a procession that runs through the Baúlhe of Arc streets and where lead offerings to auction accompanied by concertinas and cars of oxen, taking the stick (pau) several meters with the bicolor flag (yellow and blue) at the top.

At the end of the path, the stick is lifted by several men in place of Serra, with the aid of ropes and is officially proclaimed the feast in honor of Our Lady of Remedies. At the end of the procession, there is the auction of offers.

Thanks to the important role of the Parties Committee and the Parish, the grandiose Our Lady of Remedies Parties up consolidated over the years, achieving an increased size and brilliance.

Thousands of people, between residents, expats and tourists, flock each year to this village Arcoense, where the people worshiped with fervor their patron saint - Our Lady of Remedies - and feeds the faith that binds him to his church.

Source: (Cabeceiras de Basto, 2016)