medieval Fair – Cabeceiras de Basto and Arc Baúlhe
Cabeceiras de Basto welcomes from day 7 and until next Sunday, day 13 of May, the first edition of the Culture Week and Medieval Fair. This is an initiative that is a joint organization they belong to the Municipality of Cabeceiras de Basto, a company Emunibasto, the Headwaters Group of Schools of Basto, the Training Centre de Basto, the Externato S. Miguel de Refojos, the Association of Parents and Guardians of Headwaters Group of Schools of Basto, to life and to CPCJ Basto.

The program itself is divided into two, it being 7 a 11 of May, inicidirá a set of actions to be undertaken in various 'stages' local council by conducting Week Grouping, Fair of Occupations, the Book Fair and II Readings Meeting II. directed diversified actions not only for the educational community, but also open to the general population, designed to promote culture, education and provide moments of sharing and knowledge to various audiences.

In addition to the daily activities, taking place in Primary and Secondary School Cabeceiras de Basto, by promoting various exhibitions, actions are planned in other educational spaces which also pass through the presentation of expository shows, but also for the promotion of some contests, namely Photography: "Read ... depends on the position" – Basic and Secondary School of Cabeceiras de Basto / Basic School of Baúlhe Arco; ONLY LYRICS - In primary schools, the Basic School of Arc Baúlhe and Basic and Secondary School headboards; 5º Dance Contest - Basic School of Arch Baúlhe; Flute Contest - Basic and Secondary School of Cabeceiras de Basto; Concurso Supertmatik – Basic and Secondary School of Cabeceiras de Basto; Contest Rosa dos Ventos - School Library Primary and Secondary Cabeceiras de Basto / Elementary Schools Arc de Baúlhe.

They will also streamlined the Journalism and Reading Clubs (Reports and interviews) and the Book Fair which will take place in Primary and Secondary School Cabeceiras de Basto. Besides the mentioned actions, They will be carried out other initiatives during the Week of Culture involving the whole school community and in the context of the classroom, but also the general population. The Fair of professions, Ideas and Projects, the projection of films, the plays, chess tournament, the presentation of books, the promotion of creative writing workshops and drawing, as well as conferences, speeches, soirees, sports demonstrations and poetry, are activities that are part of the program.

During the Week of Culture, highlighted yet, for the inauguration of Basic and Secondary School Basto Cabeceiras scheduled for the next day 11 of May, by 16:30. It should be noted this day also, the opening of the Medieval Fair (comérico and animation), Arch not Baúlhe.

in the days 12 e 13 of May, Week of Culture gives rise to the Medieval Fair, to promote in the Republic Square, in the village Cabeceirense. Several exhibitors will be present at this event. By 14h30 opens the medieval market (Comerio), followed by diversified entertainment that involves the demonstration of falconry, shows weapons, dances and medieval music, there is still room for a medieval supper, during which they will be enjoyed local delicacies about the season. The journey will end with theatrical briefs and fire eaters.

no Sunday, day 13 of May, the market opens at 10:00 am, followed by falconry demonstrations, tasting delicacies and demonstration of acrobatics. Especially the procession and reception the newlyweds D. Nuno Alvares Pereira and D. Leonor Alvim, to take place by 16:30. The party continues with dances, amusements and plenty of street entertainment, ending the 19h00m.

It is therefore, an initiative through which the organization intends to recreate a Medieval Fair, disclosed ways of being and living own a time, involving the public and featuring scenic paintings and historical, while providing moments of healthy living and socializing in this beautiful Minho square.

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