Fair and S Party. Miguel

Fair S. Miguel

The fair S. Miguel, is an event dating back to the Middle Ages, but it was D. Dinis who assigned importance and magnified, making it one of the most famous of Portugal. It began as a free fair and was always very crowded by outsiders that animated since the dawn of the day 20 until the day 30 of September.
The trade has developed remarkably. Here they sold the blankets barroso, the cattle and horses, but with the turn of the centuries, also became an amusement park.

The day 28 It is the day of great minhoto camp that propagates into the night, giving way to the village festivals on 29, Day Patron, Saint Michael, noting the fine and rich procession, one of the most famous of Minho.

The Fair S. Miguel had always immense fame, especially in the nineteenth century, where many foreigners of several surrounding counties came here to arm their trade stalls. Such its importance, Camilo Castelo Branco immortalized in several pages of his novels, with numerous references. This is the case of the novels "Mysteries of Fafe», "Eusebio Macario», the tale "How she loved him" and even the famous "Minho Novels».

In Cabeceiras de Basto, this was the only time and place where women exercised a social function and were respected by all.

For the child or adolescent imagination, the fair was the dolls, stands, the bagpipes, pedestrians, era, especially the attention of adults.

No rural world, all distractions walked related to the interaction between the sexes. Fairs and festivals were usually marked by dances, Songs and torn. The party spirit seems to be alive, for most people, embroiled in the diversity of the region and modulated over the years that pass.

In Cabeceiras de Basto, around the fair added to the "county party" and today, this land of Minho features and frequent Trás customs, It remains for ten days, Stage one of the biggest meeting points of this vast region.

AgroBasto: Exhibition Fair Economic Activities Basto

The exposure / Fair Economic Activities of Basto - AGROBASTO, is the event of the economic activities of Terras de Basto more expression and importance in the regional context. An initiative spurred by the Municipality of Cabeceiras de Basto and the EMUNIBASTO, IN, which has the support of Municipalities of the remaining municipalities of Basto and neighboring municipalities, as well as associations and organizations related to agriculture, livestock, handicraft, genuine local products, wine and tourism are the main targets of attention this fair.
The promotion and dissemination of Basto capabilities which include natural areas and rare beauty, such as rivers, of fish species and hunting, of meat from local breeds of Maroones and Ecomuseum, Cabrito of the High Minho Terras, do mel, the smokehouse and traditional desserts.

Source: (City Guide, 2016)