Casa do Tempo

The House of Cabeceiras de Basto Weather, under the brand know is to Remember, It opened to the public on 2 August 2013.

Located near the Monastery of S. Miguel de Refojos, This work is part of an ambitious project qualification initiated by the City Council a few years ago, with a view to urban and environmental regeneration of the heart of the village Cabeceirense, connecting the centennial Republic Square to new urban areas, creating green spaces, treating the banks of the river and Penoutas of recovering part of these homemade houses.

This was a work long claimed by the population and by the City Council that, after several negotiations and the acquisition of part of unoccupied houses, has accelerated the upgrading of that zone, thus enabling this intervention which represented another step in dignity and appreciation not only of the imposing Benedictine Monastery source, but also its surroundings.

The municipal equipment is available to the public, allowing cabeceirenses and visitors in, through the use of new information and communication technologies, access to tourist information the county, but also learn about the local dynamics registered in the various sectors of activity, as, know the potential that the county ends, thus becoming, a true interpretive center of Cabeceiras de Basto.

The Time is House, that is why, an integrated project that takes into account the rich heritage, the identity of and rural matrix that characterizes the municipality, that surely will contribute to safeguarding the tangible and intangible heritage site and to showcase the dynamism of this land and its people.

Interpretive center of the county, showcase our history, applications, costumes, nature, land and people, the time the House has a strong multimedia component, designing the riches of the territory in a future that is intended to be marked by technology and innovation at the service of the population.

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